6ix9ine - Zaza

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Текст песни 6ix9ine - Zaza
You can hear that hot shit, we really pop shit
When we drop shit, you copped it, we really drop shit
Who got the keys to the locks Hmm, we gon' finna flock shit
Y'all be all up on my dick like this gon' make y'all profit, look
Hit his mata-ta, that shit go bananas, na-na, na-na-na
I don't beef with Gerbers, he a baby, goo-goo, ga-ga-ga
Grra-ta-ta, .40 hit him, make him do the cha-cha-cha
Nah, nah, nah, I don't want the block, I want the ZaZa
Are you dumb? You ain't spin a block, you a damn lie
Suck a dick, you ain't kill shit, you let your mans die
Tell me you not feelin' shit 'cause we was killin' shit
'Member days when we was hittin' shit, don't want to reminisce
Look, lil' shawty got the body-ody, ody-ody
Slimy mouth, she gavе me sloppy-toppy in the Maserati
Arе you dumb? Where couldn't I come?
Are you dumb? When you see me, you better run
You got your gun

They caught that nigga lackin' like a bitch
They killed your cousin and your man and you still ain't do shit
And we still screamin' out "Gang, gang, gang," look
Free the guys in the chain-gang-gang
Finna go insane, let it bang, bang, bang
I'ma up this chopper, get out my way
Get out my way I'm comin' through, boom
Go get your fans up, he in the dirt go pick your mans up
Dummy, like fuck a booth, go get a strap, look
It's funny, your man is never comin' back
Boy, you dumb enough, dumb or what muzdek.net
Ain't no fightin', boy, that gun is up, go try runnin' up
She keep sendin' me emoji, how she tryna fuck or what
Girl, I'm good, already fucked enough, but you could suck me up